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How to make a bottle lamp

DIY bottle lamp tutorial. Learn how to make a bottle lamp with this easy to use adaptor. No drilling needed!

There’s so much room for creativity with this simple bottle adaptor kit! Make use of those beautiful and cherished bottles and upcycle them into statement DIY lighting pieces for your home. This really is a very quick and easy project, suitable for adults and children (with adult assistance). Follow the instructions and watch the video below to learn how to make a bottle lamp.

Buy Bottle Lamp adaptor Kit HERE

Once you’ve chosen your favourite bottle (go for one with an opening of 17-19mm) you can fill it with something beautiful or special, think fairy lights, gemstones, buttons or shells, the list is as long as your imagination! The bottle you choose can be used as it is or you can add a personal touch with spray paint, decoupage or glass paint and then of course there’s the lampshade! Choose carefully to make sure the shade fits the bottle. The lampshade should be wider than the widest section of the base and not too wide that it’s likely to topple over. The height of the shade should generally be roughly 3/4 the height of the base and lastly, make sure the lampshade covers the bottle adaptor so that when looking at your beautiful new lamp you only see the best bits!

For this simple and quick project you will need a Bottle Adaptor Kit, a bottle of your choice, a lampshade or a lampshade kit to make your own and a bayonet light bulb.

Contents of the bottle adaptor kit

Bottle Adaptor, with 2m cable and 3 amp plug


Extras Needed

Bottle (With an opening of 17-19mm)

lampshade or lampshade kit

How to convert the bottle into a lamp

First, take the convertor and instructions out of the box and straighten out the 2m flex so it’s nice and flat (after having been folded in the box).

  1. Insert the adaptor into the opening of the bottle, If it feels like the adaptor won’t go in then you may need to soften the plastic and press the spokes inwards a little to help with the fit). You will hear a satisfying thud when the adaptor is firmly in place.

  2. Unscrew the top of the bulb holder, put your lampshade in place and screw the bulb holder back in place to hold the lampshade down firmly so it doesn’t wobble.

  3. Add your bayonet light bulb.

Buy Bottle Lamp adaptor Kit HERE


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These great examples were made and photographed by the following creative crafters:

Meet the makers:

Images 1,3,4 Poppy Love Oldham, a multidisciplinary artist and teacher who runs workshops in North Yorkshire at Rural Arts and has a great Instagram page here showcasing some of her work in ceramic, textiles, paint and print.

Image 2 Chitter Chatter Craft who host crafting workshops in South London and boast an Etsy shop with fab ‘limited edition’ items – great for gifts!


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