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How to apply Vinyl Covering to a lampshade

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

If you’ve made lampshades before or even if you’re just starting out as a lampshade maker, it’s easy to see that the fabric you use is the key to a great looking lampshade.

But what if you could create a ‘wow’ factor on the inside too? Maybe gold or silver or even a bold, bright yellow!

Our vinyl covering is a great way to enhance your shade, it’s simple to apply and works with any of our lampshade making kits… and we have a huge range of gloss colours (a whopping 18 in total!) as well as silver and gold metallic finishes. Price start from £3.21 per metre and all our vinyls are 61 cm wide, meaning your new look won’t cost the earth!

In this post we’ll explain the tools you need to apply vinyl covering to your lampshade, 5 hints and tips to make sure you get a perfect finish and showcase our a step by step video tutorial on applying vinyl.

What is Vinyl covering?

Originally used in our banner making business, Need a banner, vinyl covering is a thin, flexible but robust self-adhesive material, that can be cut out to create lettering and a variety of signage elements. But more creatively we discovered it’s secondary use – to brighten up the inside of lampshades, giving a clean and modern feel!

What you’ll need

Even though you’ll get a professional finish, surprisingly you won’t need many professional tools and many of the list below you’ll possibly already have at home. If not follow the links to find the products on our website.

  1. Plate or dish

  2. Washing up liquid

  3. Water

  4. Masking tape

  5. Scissors (non-fabric scissors)

  6. Cutting mat and/ or a clean flat surface

How to apply vinyl covering

Take a look at our step-by- step video, which walks you through how to easily apply your vinyl covering to drum lampshade making kit.

5 Tips for applying vinyl covering

If you’re short on time, here’s the highlights on getting the best results when applying vinyl to your lampshade making PVC.

#Tip 1 – Be generous with the soap solution, as this will increase the chance of a perfect finish

#Tip 2 – Remember to spread the soap solution around the edge of the Lampshade making PVC from your kit to avoid the vinyl sticking to the table

#Tip 3 – When removing the paper backing from the super sticky vinyl covering, pull back around 5-10cm of the backing paper all along the short length of the vinyl. Use one hand to pull the vinyl tight and the other to remove the backing paper.

#Tip 4 – Pull the vinyl over the lampshade PVC using some tension, which will ensure the vinyl lays flat.

#Tip 5 – Remove the soap solution with the lamination squeegee by starting in the centre of the shade and works outwards, so the water is released at the edges of the vinyl.

Not just for lampshades

So now you can apply vinyl covering with ease, following the hints and tips we’ve shared there are plenty of uses for this material in your crafting adventures. It’s brilliant for both interior or exterior decoration projects, the vinyl will stick to any clean, smooth surface, including walls, doors, windows, tables, worktop, etc.

Share your makes

We’d love to hear if you’ve used one of our Vinyl coverings to make your lampshade really shine and you can share your makes with us on social media:

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