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How do you style your studio?

Creating the right work space is crucial to a productive, inspired and fulfilling day. How do you style yours? Today we are taking a look at some inspiring makers and their work spaces.

Milliner in her studio

Do you remember your style before you had discovered what style was? When you were perhaps under seven years old and would wear the most garish clashes of colour and textile? Well this playful innocence is what fascinates Sahar in her millinery work. Sahar loves beauty in the unconventional and works with unusual materials such as butterfly wings old lace and rusted objects. See her work here.

Maria Lunt's studio
I work in my converted garage at home. It’s quite a dark space not tonnes of natural light sadly but it my space, a little haven where I can work and close the door to the outside world. The best time of year is summer, the light windows the corners of the room and the garden fills the space with the noise kids playing outside and laughing. And when it’s hot outside I feel cool and calm. It’s rarely tidy. I prefer to work when there’s been a tidy around but I instantly ruin by flinging fabric round in a bit of a frenzy. I collect too much stuff. It can get a bit overwhelming but on the other hand can trigger copious amounts of inspiration. I have boxes upon boxes of threads, buttons, beads, needles. I could probably keep sewing for at least ten years with out really needing to buy anything else. But I love my space it’s very special to me.

Maria creates beautiful, colourful and characterful scenes with her hand stitched and painted fabrics. These are then made into lampshades, pictures and more. Choosing to use hand dyed and vintage threads with an eclectic combination of materials, Marna creates personality and soul in each piece. See more here.

Scene from Emma Block's studio
I keep most of my tools on my desk where they’re easy to reach; pencils, brushes, pens, craft knives and scissors. I also find my @kikki.k planner a very useful tool for keeping my business and my schedule organised. My iMac is also a pretty useful tool!

Emma’s is an illustrator. Her work is inspired by the people she meets in her everyday life, old photos, vintage clothes, old films, travel, 1950s illustration, 1930s jazz and sausage dogs! She has worked for clients including Stylist Magazine and Bloomsbury and offers a live illustration service where she will get sketchy at your party! Emma has previously worked with Oasis, Westfield and the Hoxten Hotel.

Artist in her jewellery studio
At the beginning I used to work in one room of my flat (good old times…), but with the growing of my business, today I have the impression I live in the office… In this context it is quite difficult to take breaks and have privacy, that’s why, hopefully, the studio will move in a few months. In the new studio I’ll be able to have my own laser finally!  I forgot to tell you, I live in Calais, not the city of your dreams, but full of potential. The studio is 10mn away from the beach! And we have the best French fries!

Les Folles Marquises make beautiful, personalised jewellery from wood and silver mirror glass. Check them out here.

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