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Geometric, Eco friendly laminate – New lampshade making supplies!

New ‘geometric’ eco-friendly laminate!

Now added to our huge range of lampshade making supplies is ‘Geometric’, the perfect  laminate for manufacturing sculptural, designer hanging decorations and lampshades that take on a stunning look with the use of light.

The laminate is tear-resistant and combines the advantages of paper (good printing properties) and film (tear-resistance, dimensional stability). The film is based on PET (Polyethylenterephthalate), an environmentally friendly, water-based adhesive.  The white papers used are wood-free, ECF bleached and are purchased from sustainable sources and responsibly managed forests (FSC® mix credit).

To see the options available and order a Free Sample of our ‘Geometric’ laminates See here. To see the full range of our lampshade making supplies see here.

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