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DIY Tutorial – Summer Stick It PVC coasters

Bring bright bold colours to your summer dining with our fun and easy to make Stick It PVC cork coasters. As with all our Needcraft kits that use Stick It PVC, the coasters are totally customisable using your own choice of fabric. Better still the cool coasters can be made in under half an hour.

We’ve opted for a colour popping fabric with a matching Chic Fabric Adhesive Tape edging. Whatever style you go for they would make a gorgeous gift for a friend, or simply sit back enjoy your drink and your own handiwork!

What you'll need

35 x 25 cm of Stick it Lampshade making PVC - standard or clear

Fabric – 35 x 25 cm

Household scissors


Ruler or tape measure

How to make Summer Stick it PVC cork coasters

1. Prepare your fabric by ironing it and positioning it face down on a clean, flat surface.

2. Position your Stick It Lampshade Making PVC with the paper side down on top of the fabric. We used Clear Stick It as we had a piece to use from a previous project. For more ideas on how to use Clear Stick It read our post here.

3. Pull away the backing paper on the Stick It PVC by around 5-10 cm and position onto the fabric and push down on the back of PVC with your fist to secure. Continue pulling the paper away along the length of the fabric and securing the PVC into place.

4. Turn over the PVC and check for any loose threads that might have got caught under the fabric using your hand.

5. Take a cork coaster and position in the corner of the PVC and draw round using a pencil (we used a felt tip pen on the clear Stick It PVC so it was visible). Draw round the remaining 4 coasters. Cut out the circles carefully keeping to the lines.

6. Add three lines of double sided tape to each cork coaster.

7. Remove the red backing from the double sided tape and position the circle of fabric covered Stick It PVC.

8. Calculate the circumference of your coaster by timing the diameter by Pi (3.141). Add an extra 1cm to the length and then cut a strip of chic tape. For the 100 mm coaster our calculation was rounded up to 35.5 cm.

Measure the depth of your coaster and transfer the measurement to your strip of tape, marking the full length with a pencil. Mark a second line and repeat until you have five strips of chic tape.

9. Cut along the chic tape and apply to the edge of the cork coaster, overlapping the tape at the end.

10. Repeat steps 6-9 on the four remaining coasters to complete the full set!


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