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DIY Tutorial - Make and Paint Kit Scribble Sharpie shade

Our Make and Paint Lampshade Making Kits are for exactly what it says on the box, making and painting, but in our quest to try new, inspirational and creative ideas for our lampshade making kits we’ve taken another much loved products, the humble Sharpie Pen Set, and put the two together. The results? This Sharpie Scribble Shade DIY tutorial.

Born from a simple crafting technique that makes ‘squiggle gift wrap’ using brown paper and a bunch of felt tip pens (try it, it’s really fun!), we’ve taken this one step further for our Sharpie Shade. Made by scribbling onto the pre-laminated cotton lampshade PVC in the Make and Paint Lampshade Making Kit lampshades definitely don’t come any more bespoke than this!

What you'll need

Plain paper for practicing your design

Elastic band

Masking tape

How to make a Make and Paint sharpie shade

1. Unpack your Make and Paint Lampshade Making Kit and unroll your lampshade making PVC. Roll the opposite way to how it sat in the cellophane and pop into a mug for a couple of hours.

2. From your sharpie set and pick three or four complementary colours. Secure these together with an elastic band and remove the lids.

3. Take a plain piece of paper and with the nibs of the pens aligned place these onto the paper to ensure all of the nibs touch the paper at the same time.

4. Start to play with swirls, squiggles, lines and find a pattern that you like. We tried all three before settling on an ‘L’ shape which we repeated in two rows.

5. Once you’ve settled on your design, lay your PVC on a clean flat surface. Secure the edges of your lampshade making PVC to the surface using masking tape to stop the PVC from moving. Test your pens are all touching the paper one final time, before starting to draw.

Before putting your pens onto the PVC it’s worth noting that the pens will ‘bleed’ a little when they touch the fabric. Once you’ve started move your pens quickly across the fabric.

6. Draw your design along the fabric coated PVC. If you want to maintain symmetry in your design draw light pencil lines that can be rubbed out, lengthways along the centre of the lampshade, or at points along the length of the PVC.

7. Once you’ve completed your Sharpie design, follow the instructions from your Make and Paint Lampshade Kit and complete steps 7–26 to complete your shade.

Play with Paint

If you're feeling more artistic why not try a 'Make and Paint kit' with a few of our fab coloured acrylic paints. With plenty of techniques to try such as dragging, rag rolling, sponging, flicking, dabbing, dry-brush or paint washing, you can create stunning effects when you light up the lampshade.

We're foreseeing many bespoke and artistic lampshades on the horizon!


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