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DIY Tutorial - How to Make a Bespoke Freestanding Table Lamp

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Supporting you to make bespoke lampshades is our business and today we want to shout loud about an often overlooked style of DIY lighting - the free-standing Table Lamp!

Simple and stylish, a freestanding lamp brings light to the dark corners of your home, yet if you fancy making a truly bespoke diameter and size of table lamp, look no further than our Circular Lamp Making Ringsets, which we stock in six different sizes, and feature in today’s DIY tutorial, or alternatively make a Needcraft Table Lamp Making Kit straight out of the box!

DIY Table Lamp Making Kit

Newbie or expert lampshade maker, our Needcraft Table Lamp making Kit contains everything you need in one box to create an elegant cylindrical Table Lamp.

Measuring 38cm in height, with a 15cm diameter our ready-to-make Table Lamp is perfectly balanced, in terms of its dimensions. With full instructions, included and our supportive step-by-step YouTube video, you can make a beautifully bespoke Table Lamp using a fabric you love, in under an hour!

Bespoke Lamp Making Ringset

Want to make a free-standing table lamp in a larger diameter? Our Circular Lamp Making Ringsets gives you all the size options you need.

Ranging from 15cm in diameter (the same size you’ll find in our Table Lamp Making Kit) through to 40cm in diameter, each ringset includes a plain ring and a utility ring. As well as featuring three 40mm legs the utility ring, which is used as the base of your Table or Floor Lamp, has an EU lamp holder fitting and a Reducer/Convertor/Adapter to switch this for use with a UK lamp holder fitting.

In terms of the height of your table lamp, the world is your oyster. For a shorter height shade opt for one of our Self-adhesive Lampshade Making Panels which are pre-cut to size, corresponding with your diameter of ringset, and also available in 4 heights - 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm.

Alternatively, for a table lamp with height, purchase a roll of Stick-It® Self-Adhesive Lampshade Making PVC and cut your own panel to size. Why not go high and use a Circular Lamp Making Ringset to make a Floor Lamp instead?

What you'll need to make a Bespoke Free-standing Table Lamp

DIY tutorial – Bespoke Free-standing Table Lamp

1. Cut down your covering to a workable size. Place self-adhesive panel face down and position on top.

2. When you’re happy with placement peel back some of the release paper and stick to the covering.

3. Smooth out from the middle and press the adhesive into the fabric firmly until all the release paper is removed. After you have inspected your panel for creases, the panel is now ready for trimming

4. Cut off surplus covering by running a sharp knife or cutting along the edges with scissors.

5. Snap back the creased edges (kiss cut) around the panel to break the edge of the PVC.

6. Carefully, to avoid fraying, remove the broken strips of PVC to leave your covering’s edge

7. Apply double-sided Tesa tape to one side of the panel edge. This will be used to stick the seam. Remove the release paper and your panel is now complete and ready for attaching to the rings.

8. Apply the double-sided Tesa tape to the centre of the rings. Apply evenly and avoid creases.

9. Press the tape down evenly and firmly onto the wire then remove the release paper. Repeat for the final ring and you now have two sticky rings to fix to the panel.

10. Place the rings on the PVC edge and start to roll towards the taped seam edge.

11. When you get to the seam (the overlap), press the tape together from the centre out. The seam is now closed, do not apply any pressure here or you can dent the lampshade.

12. Place the lampshade with the seam on a hard surface and apply firm pressure, pressing the tape down. For best results use a seam roller to apply the pressure.

13. Snip the covering in line with the legs on the utility ring so that the covering can be folded under the rings.

14. Pinch the fabric, pull taut and fold onto the sticky rings

16. Use the finishing tool to push the fabric behind the rings. Push the tool between the gap and swipe around the circumference until you’re happy with the finish.

Table Lamp Making #Hacks

Although the feet on the utility ring are in keeping with the rest of the base, many of our makers opt for a more natural look, replacing these with our Half Drilled 20mm Wooden Balls, made from attractive beechwood. As well as being left au natural, to make the feet more striking the half-drilled wooden balls can be painted or stained, to coordinate with your DIY Table Lamp. Try our Ronseal Chalky Furniture Paint available in 8 soft pastel and neutral colours.

In our Natural Table Lamp Kit #hack blog post, we use Half Drilled 20mm Wooden Balls along with using our Natural Rafia to wrap the table lamp kit legs, to give our Needcraft Table Lamp Kit a stylish, yet natural makeover, worthy of any home!

Coordinating Electrical Assemblies

To bring your creative work to life.. .or should that be light…you’ll need to purchase an Electrical Assembly to use with your bespoke Lamp made from a Circular Lamp Making Ringset or an off-the-shelf kit Needcraft Table Lamp Kit.

Available with both EU and UK lampholder fittings each Electrical Assembly features a lamp holder, switched cable and plug all of which have been professionally tested for safety and are simple to fit to your handmade table or floor lamp.

For a pop of colour, why not buy one of our Coloured Cable Electrical Assemblies and with ten colours to choose from ranging from rustic white to Prada Red you can add extra personality to your DIY bespoke table lamp.

Fitting your Electrical Assembly

1. Add Convertor/ reducer / adapter into the utility fitting for use with a UK lamp holder Electrical Assembly or remove for use with an EU lamp holder Electrical Assembly .

2. Unscrew the top ring or section of your Electrical Assembly and fit into the utility ring hole.

3. Screw back on the removed lamp holder ring or section, turning until hand tight.


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