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DIY Tutorial – Hessian LED Christmas Star Light

With Christmas just around the corner, our minds turn to decorating the house, ready for the festive season. With a sprinkling of LED lights, our contemporary DIY Hessian LED Star Light is made with striking gold-flecked hessian and two star frames, and is not only straightforward to make but is cost-effective too! Equally at home as a festive centrepiece for a cosy Christmas vibe, it might just be the decoration that you keep out all year round.

What you’ll need to make your Hessian LED Christmas Star Light

Hessian fabric at least 1.25 x 1 metre

Bamboo skewers (long enough to cut 5 x 7.5cm pieces)

Tape measure



How to make your Hessian Light Up Christmas Star

1. Cut your hessian into the following pieces and lightly press your hessian on a cool/ wool setting to remove any stubborn creases. On the strip, fold back a 1cm seam allowance on each side and press.

Strip - 1 x 10 x 125 cm (this is the measurement around a 30cm star frame plus 5 cm overlap)

Square - 2 x 45 x 45 cm

2. Using the inside edge of the pliers cut 5 prices of bamboo skewers measuring 7.5 cm3.

3. Place your star on a flat surface, ideally with protection from any drips of hot glue. Using a hot glue gun, glue along the edges of the point.

4. Place the hessian over the glued area, ensure it is taught, and press down.

5. Repeat along all of the arms, lifting the hessian to glue each point.

6. Cut away the excess fabric around the star and cut in to the inner point on each side.

7. Glue along the edge of a point and fold the fabric overlap towards the centre. Push the fabric down, repeating on all sides. Repeat on the remaining star frame.

8. Cut away the excess fabric and repeat on the remaining star frame.

9. Lay a star frame face down on your surface. Glue the end of the bamboo skewer section just inside of the frame, at the point of the star and repeat on each point.

10. Unravel the LED Lights and spread the around the inside of the star. Starting with the LED light nearest the battery pack, glue this in place at the base of a bamboo skewer section, with the battery pack sitting outside of the star.

11. Continue to spread the light glueing them in place so they sit across the centre of the star.

TOP TIP: If you'd prefer more light, use a long string of LED lights and weave across the star in the same way.

12. Position the remaining star so the points line up with the bamboo skewers. Glue the end of each skewer to the remaining star.

13. Glue along the edge of two adjacent points.

13. Leaving a 2cm overlap and starting at the bottom of the star, position the edge of the hessian strip along the glued edge. Continue glueing and position the strip around the star.

14. On reaching the starting point, fold back the strip for a neat edge and cut 1cm beyond the fold.

15. Glue the fold in place.

16. Volia! Your DIY Hessian LED Star Light.


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