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Christmas Decorations - 'Little circles of bright' DIY tutorial

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

It’s nearly time for the festive ritual of putting the Christmas decorations (although we’ve seen a few up already and we say ‘why not?’). Making new decorations for your own tree or as a gift for a loved one is a lovely family tradition, and our 'Little circles of bright' are fun, cheerful and simple enough for everyone to join in and make. They are even small and light enough to send in the post.

We’ve gone with bright pops of colour, but there is nothing stopping you from adapting your decorations to suit your own themes and colour palettes, just like our lampshade making kits!

What you’ll need to make your ‘Little circles of bright’ Christmas decorations

Black soutache cut into 3 x 25 cm lengths

Twine, trims, embroidery threads, etc

Wooden coffee stirer (for holding hot glued items in place)

Tape measure

How to make your ‘Little circles of bright’ Christmas decorations

1. Take your 10cm plain ring and cover with tape, by running this around the outside of the ring and leaving a small gap where the two ends of the tape meet.

2. Push the tape around the rings as much as possible with your finger and thumb

3. Take a length of ribbon and wrap this around the 10 cm ring, working from the outside to the inside so the ribbon just overlaps covering the tape. You shouldn’t be able to see the white of the ring at all. Stop every few centimeters to secure in place by rubbing around the ribbon with your fingers. Add a small section of double side tape to the ring underneath the loose ribbon end and wrap neatly to the back of the ring.

4. Repeat for all three rings.

5. Create a hanging hoop, by cutting a 1 cm piece of the double sided tape and wrapping this around the ring at the top. Take a 25 cm length of black soutache trim and stick one end to the back of the hoop, as pictured below. Wrap this around the ring twice.

6.Using 12cm of cord double this to make a loop 6 centimeters in length to form the hoop.

7. Then wrap again round the ring, cut and stick the short length to the back.

8. Now it’s time to get creative! Think about the placement of your twine or trims and how these will be positioned and wrap around the ring. With the trims it’s best to start and end at the same place so these can then be hidden. Take your feathers and choose different lengths, colours and textures (read fluffiness!) to add to each ring.

9. Lay the twine, trims and feathers in place and the secure using either double sided tape, a hot glue gun or a fabric glue. We found that we mainly used very short pieces of the double sided tape for the trims and only used the hot glue gun to add the feathers.

10. Hang in pride of place on your tree or give to a love one to brighten up their Christmas!


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