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Christmas DIY tutorial – Balloon glass candle shade lights

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

As Christmas approaches fast our attention is turning to the smaller details and for us the Christmas dinner table is one of the most important. Not only because it’s a time to share the company of friends and family, some pretty delicious food, but because we enjoy finding just the right colour napkins, writing name cards and creating our table arrangements – and we’re fairly sure that this is the same for anyone who has a creative streak!

At Dannells HQ we’ve been playing with our own creative ideas and today we want to show you how to turn our candle clip lampshade making kits into a clever balloon glass shades. These are the perfect finishing touch for any festive dinner table, add a warm festive glow and are completely safe as they use electronic tea lights. Quick and easy to make they’d also make unique Christmas gifts too!

What are Candle shades?

A candle clip shade’s traditional use is for chandeliers and wall lights due to the clip attached to the top ring of the shade, which slides over the bulb to secure the shade in place. With a small surface area they are ideal for using up fabrics or if you want to treat yourself to a luxury Christmas fabric they won’t cost the earth!

Measuring just 13 cm high and being 14cm at their widest point these are some of the smallest shades in our range. Apart from wall lamps why not try using one on a thin stem table lampshades for a luxury hotel look!

Wall light candle shade from Etsy Bordeaux Brocante

What you’ll need to make your shade

Each candle clip lampshade kit contains two shades, making them a cost effective option and includes all the materials to make up both shades. In addition to the kit you’ll need the following:

  1. 450mm x 240mm of your chosen fabric per shade

  2. Iron and ironing board

  3. Butter knife (optional)

  4. Electronic tea lights

  5. Gin glasses or Balloon glasses

Top tips for making your candle shade

As always, we supply full photo step by step instructions in every kit and you can also follow our video tutorial below.

As the shade tapers at the top the you may find the access to the small ring at the top quite tight when you come to tucking in the fabric. This is where a butter knife come sin handy helping you to access the shade from the bottom and slide the excess fabric under the top ring.

The easy part

After you’ve made up your shade simply pop an electronic tea light into you balloon glass and sit your newly made shade over the top!

And balloon glass candle shades aren’t only for Christmas. You could make these for balmy evenings when you’re BBQing in the garden, for weddings, birthday dinners or even for glamping or camping.

If you do make a balloon glass candles shade we’d love to see it so don’t forget to tag us on social media and use #memadeshade

Safety information

Please note that ONLY electronic tea lights can be used as part of this DIY tutorial. Wax tealights are not to be used as this will create a fire risk and hazard.


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