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Bristol’s Old Market Assembly and their handmade lampshades

Old Market Assembly

I see our customers’ lampshades often on my travels around the world and the web and it always gives me a sense of pride to see one of our handmade, cheerful lampshades enhancing a space. Last weekend Detola and Geek asked whether I might be going to The Old Market Assembly in Bristol where some of her lampshades are on display. As it happened this was on my list of new places to discover so with added impetus I trotted off to enjoy a coffee and cake in yet another of Bristol’s many, new, independent venues.

The Old Market Assembly seems to offer it all, it’s a coffee shop, restaurant, live music venue and a theatre and their mantra is refreshing:

Keeping things accessible is a mantra for us. We are here for everyone. That means ensuring everyone can come. Affordable quality is at the heart of everything we do which is why a main courses start at £5.50, theatre tickets start at £6, a world class coffee starts at £2 and it’s free to see a great band.

I had heard good things about this new venue and love inspecting Bristol’s historic buildings (especially where coffee and cake are involved) so this was an easy request to fulfil on a sleepy Sunday.

Old Market Assembly

Detola and Geek lampshade

Old Market Assembly

Detola and Geek lampshade

Welcoming, warm,  and smelling of freshly baked bread The Old Market Assembly, housed in a former bank, made our entrance an easy one. We chose a spot as close to the wood burner as we could and proceeded to inspected the maze of rooms, corridors and mezzanine leading between cafe and theatre to do some lampshade spotting.

the building is a bit like the Tardis, fairly small and unassuming from the outside while open, light and deceptively spacious on the inside with a surprise roof terrace at the back.

We found the beautiful Detola and Geek Ankara print lampshade above and this brilliantly retro shade below. Both complimenting the space nicely.

Old Market Assembly

After a relaxed munch on coffee, cake and a healthy smoothie option for my friend we left the warmth behind for a cold walk home along Old Market and it’s vintage emporium where we spotted… more lighting!

Old Market Assembly

Old Market Assembly

Photography: Maia Harris-Jordan

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