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Bespoke Metal lampshades

metal lampshades

The world of lampshades is full of surprises and this is one we came across recently…

Excell Metal Spinning Ltd no less! What do they have to do with lampshades I hear you ask? Fear not, we caught up with Curtis, an expert in the world of spinning metal lampshades.

Let us shed some light…

At Excell Metal Spinning Ltd. We supply some very high-end businesses with bespoke metal lampshades, some of which currently feature in restaurant chains such as Nando’s as well as Banana Tree and even in high-end clothes retailers such as River Island.

metal lampshades

Image: Assembly rooms

The image above is a bespoke copper lampshade made to order for a client, one of many produced on what we call a Metal Spinning Lathe.

We start with cutting metal discs (a.k.a. Blanks) from a copper sheet to a specific size on the guillotine. From there, the metal shape is placed on a lathe and rotated at high speeds in order to form the metal around the tool. This process gives the lampshade its shape. After this the lampshade goes through fabrication techniques to clean and polish the metal before going out on delivery.

So how do we go about ordering our own, bespoke lampshade?

If someone were to order bespoke lampshades, they would first quote us with attached drawings and measurements etc. Depending on the material in use, the size of the order, the measurements involved and other factors, we can then find a suitable price range. Tooling can also affect the price: steel tooling can be more expensive than say MDF tooling. We used MDF tooling to produce River Island’s Lampshades,  the problem with MDF tooling however is that it is used for one off orders, where Steel tooling means we can produce repeat orders.

metal lampshades

Producing lampshades is not new to us, in fact, we’ve been producing lampshades since we first set up in 2000. Each Lampshade is bespoke, with various shapes and sizes.

What is your main product?

We usually provide various industries with metal cylindrical parts, and these industries range from Defence and the Air Movement industries all the way to the health care industries.

Find Excell Metal Spinning Ltd here 

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