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Beautiful free-motion embroidery

I’m thrilled to bring you the colourful, intricate and cheerful free-motion embroidery of Picpacnaddywak. Every now and then I spot one of their stunning posts on social media and always take a second look at the intricately worked pieces of art.

Jane Gooding, the talent that is Picpacnaddywak has written us a lovely guest blog post about her work…


I’ve sat here at the keyboard thinking about what to say in my blog … where to start???

Listening to Ken Bruce and pop masters is a distraction I must say ! My creative journey has been an ever involving track of many twists and turns in actually having faith that I COULD produce something that other people would love as much as I do . A true belief in yourself is such an important part of being creative , I think many of us have difficulty in believing

DO NOT give up passion is deep-rooted in your soul and you cannot ignore it !!!

My work has and still is involving with each piece I create. Lampshades are a pretty new product and I  am really proud of them, I wanted to create something that was unique to me but something that had a function. My free-motion sewing has allowed each piece I design and create to be absolutely unique – no two pieces will ever be exactly the same, which is so magical to me. My designs do tend to grow as I’m sat sewing them, I do start with an idea but whilst sewing my machine seems to take on a life of its own and I love the way I create designs while sewing them!!!

I started, way before sewing (which before, I had only done at school – didn’t actually buy my own machine until about 5 yrs ago!) as a Nursery Nurse in a Nursery class – My favourite time with the children was the creative part -I LOVED it ! After having my 4th child I decided working everyday , dropping at childminders to work to pay childcare was madness ,I needed to do something that could be flexible around the children , sooo my friend got married and I made bunting for her garden party …..that’s where it started , simple as that !

It has been an amazing journey really , starting with bunting and making things from watching  you tube tutorials I always wanted that unique selling point -enter freemotion sewing . I cannot tell you how grateful and happy I was after so much practising( and I do mean A LOT) that I realised I could actually do it !!

My point is , if you have the passion , belief and determination YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT . I didn’t go to art college or anything like that but  I probably should study more about the business side of things !!!

embroidery of flowers in a picture frame

I mostly sell my products at Markets ,I do have a website but that’s waiting for me to update it !! (see what I mean about business)

This year I’m attending The KIRSTY ALLSOP handmade Fair in Hampton court (16th -18th SEPT)as a trader – quite scary but a massive step forward for me !!

I am hugely grateful to anyone who has helped and supported me , lovely customers who have bought and ordered from me. Thank you Needcraft for supplying an excellent service which enables me to create lampshades of all sizes . Jane x

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John Edwart
John Edwart
Aug 11, 2023

I've read your article. Honestly, I've never read this type of informative and efficient article before. This article will help lots of beginners like me to build skills in embroidery. Love to read your incoming blogs too. Really appreciate your work and dedication.

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