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Artist spotlight – DERYN RELPH

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Deryn Relph is a textile designer working in predominantly knitted textiles. With a love of colour & a desire to design & make sustainably Deryn uses lambswool spun in the UK & cotton yarns sourced from factory surplus stocks to create a vibrant collection of interior & lifestyle products.

Deryn’s product range currently includes hot water bottles, cushions, lampshades, throws, blankets & furniture items like chairs & stools. Deryn’s unique style combines unexpected colour combinations to create pieces that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face – an approach which Deryn hopes will make people cherish things for longer & waste less.

Deryn’s designs have a definite retro influence while being bold & contemporary. Many of her handmade lampshades are up-cycled 1960s and 1970s frames and are always interesting shapes.

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Deryn explains her approach to lampshade design:

Understanding the materials that you create & work with is important in design. I love the curvaceous organic lampshade shapes from the 60’s & 70’s & knew that knitted fabrics would work perfectly! I choose the structure of the knitted fabric to suit the frame shape ensuring there will be adequate stretch and no baggy or gathered areas. I knit the fabrics on an industrial fine gauge machine using 100% cotton yarn & crochet the chunky trims with knitted tube. I love the contrast of scale between the fine knit & the trims.
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Deryn’s top tip:

When designing a lampshade it’s vital to consider what it will look like when lit & when not. Some colours reflect light better than others, & some change colour dramatically depending on the lightbulb used. My knits act like a diffuser creating a soft light, but with a hard drum lampshade you should consider the inside as much as the outside!

Based in Hampshire Deryn is developing her business to include printed fabrics & is also planning to offer a range of workshops, including lampshade making, in the near future.  To find out more about Deryn’s latest work follow her links below and leave your comments and ideas in the reply box.

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Deryn Relph’s links:

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