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Amanda Jayne Handmade Designs

Handmade Designs

I am a mixed media artist based in Yorkshire. I up-cycle vintage textiles and other treasures to create hand stitched art, keepsakes, gifts, lampshades and lanterns.

I started making hand stitched lampshades about a year ago after sourcing some vintage lampshade frames. I only use vintage embroidered textiles that are damaged; stained or have holes and work around the damage. I like to see it as preserving the skills and beauty from the past.

Handmade Designs

Each panel on the lampshade is different and each lampshade is unique. Panels are hand stitched individually to the frame. I plan to start using new frames once I have used up my vintage stock, as sourcing vintage frames in good condition is difficult.

Handmade Designs

I treat the vintage linens with fire-retardant spray once the lampshade is complete. I have also started to create drum lampshades with vintage linens after a customer request. I think they compliment each other perfectly; modern shape lampshade with vintage linens.

Handmade Designs

I am always looking to extend my range and create something unique. When I purchased the drum kits from Needcraft, I saw the lantern kits and thought how lovely they would be. Quite often I have a small piece of lovely vintage embroidered linen that would be perfect for a lantern; I hate waste!

Handmade Designs

The two lanterns that I have added to my range are the embroidered ones and the antique doily ones; both are proving popular. The doily lantern will be limited in number due to sourcing these stunning antique hand-made doilies and again each will be totally unique. I hand stitch them to vintage linen background and finish them off with a lovely vintage mother of pearl button; my two favourite things. This gives this lantern a lovely simple but elegant vintage feel.

Handmade Designs

Handmade Designs

The embroidered lanterns are created with a vintage piece of linen. Sometimes the piece may need the embroidery finishing off or refreshing, which I do by hand. I really love the cosy feel the battery operated tea lights give these lanterns and think they are a perfect addition to my range.

Handmade Designs

Handmade Designs

Handmade designs

All the lampshade frames, supplies and kits shown in this post can be bought here.

Find Amanda’s handmade designs here:

Do you make lampshades, or print fabric for lampshades? Tag us in your images on social media with #Needcraft and we may include you on ours!

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