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6 Step guide to painting wooden furniture

painted chest of drawers with flowers on top

Give your furniture a new lease of life with our 6 step guide to painting wooden furniture.

  1. Be sure to sand your surface first. This is very important as it prepares the surface by creating a textured edge that the paint can stick to. If you miss this stage out your paint is highly likely to chip and flake off in no time. You can sand by hand or use a small electric sander. Go for sand paper between 80-150 grit, depending on whether the surface is varnished or not. You’ll need the courser sand paper for getting the varnish off.

  2. Wipe off any residue with white spirit and a lint free cloth so your surface is completely clean.

  3. Prime your surface with a layer of paint and wait until fully dry before using a 220 grit sand paper to lightly work over the surface.

  4. Wipe over again to clean with the white spirit using your lint free cloth.

5. Now you are ready to apply the top coat! Apply 2 or 3 thin coats of your top coat with enough drying time in between (according to the instructions on the label). Make sure you sand with your 220 grit paper and clean with your white spirit and a clean cloth between each coat to provide a smooth surface and texture for the next layer of paint to adhere to.

6. Don’t miss out on this final stage otherwise  your beautiful piece of painted furniture will be covered in grubby stains in no time. Protect your new surface with a wax or a varnish and it will last you well.

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