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5 reasons to make a DIY lampshade

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Yey! You've found us and now you know you can make your own lampshades with our Lampshade Making Kits, you might be asking yourself why should you?

It’s the number one topic of conversation at here at Dannells (we could honestly wax lyrical about this all day 😁), and to make this easy we’ve put together our 5 reasons why you should get started with making your own DIY lampshade – and once you’ve made one, we’re fairly sure you’ll never buy shop bought lampshade again!

1. Bespoke

If your search for your ideal lampshade, in that perfect shade of blush pink is starting to become frustrating and also a little boring, just one pizza boxed (yes, you read right) Lampshade Making Kit can solve all that!

Designed to be completely customisable with your own choice of fabric, using a Lampshade Making Kit means that whatever your colour scheme or style, your shade will be exactly what you want.

Playful, bold or quietly conservative, by simply adhering your choice of woven fabric - think cotton, linen, light to medium weight upholstery fabric - to the professional lampshade PVC in the kit, you’re on your way to achieving the perfect lampshade straight from your imagination!

2. Choice

Shades come in all shapes and sizes and much like the high street, our Lampshade Making Kits also offer the same, if not more variety.

From ubiquitous drum shades to more unusual and modern hexagonal lampshades, we stock over 13 shapes of Lampshade Making Kit , including traditional styles such as Empire and Coolie lampshade kits.

And whatever the size of your room we have a lampshade kit in a size to suit!

From the smallest shade, for example our Candle Clip Lampshade, designed especially for chandeliers and wall lights, through to our whopping 70 cm drum shades that would make a ultimate statement over your dining table, making your own DIY lampshade means being able to choose exactly the right dimensions for the space it's going into. A huge plus!

3. Ease

Definitely easier than you think, even a complete newbie crafter can make a Needcraft Lampshade Making Kit. With all of the measuring done in advance, all you’ll need at home is a clean flat surface (the kitchen table is our go to), a pair of fabric scissors, a pair of paper scissors and your choice of fabric. Set aside 45 minutes to an hour and you’ll soon have a fantastic lampshade. It really is that simple!

And we’re here to show you how! Each kit comes with step by step photo instructions and if you prefer digital learning, check out our You Tube – there’s a video for every kit, packed with hints and tips that walks you through every stage of making. Just hit pause, complete the step and then continue watching.

If you're a Tik Tok fan, check out our mini video on how to make up your kit.

4. Satisfaction

The making bug, once caught is soooooo satisfying. Not only is it good for you to learn a new skill, but think of all those compliments and the pride you’ll have once you can say ‘oh, I made that lampshade myself’ and of course it will look perfect in your space!

Winners of our #memadshade Instagram Competition Sam and Jenny of @ se9_edwardian_terrace, made their very first shade together, which now has pride of place in their beautiful home.

5. Budget

The average cost of a high street lampshade is around £35 for a 30 cm drumshade. We’ve done the maths and our equivalent lampshade making kit is just 13.99 (inc VAT) leaving you £21.01 to spend on a 100 cm x 30 cm piece of fabric! Unless you're looking for super luxe look, we think you'll be hard pushed to spend that much so making your own lampshade is definitely the budget option.

Better still if you’ve made your own curtains or cushions, there’s a good chance that you can make your shade from any left over fabric or add the lampshade dimensions into your fabric requirements before you start making your soft furnishings for a complete matching set!

We love this geometric style fabric that @studio52_sam has used for her matching cushion and copper lined lampshade.

So now you know why you should make your own lampshade there's nothing stopping you! Don't forget to enter it into our Instagram #memadeshade competition. You could win £100 worth of Dannells vouchers - that's lots more shades you can make!


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