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4 Ways to create a magical garden with outdoor fairy lights

Fairy lights around an outdoor hammock

Creating a magical space in the garden is so rewarding! If you don’t have a garden you can still make use of the window ledge or even the window frame, to create an enticing vista or frame to draw your gaze from the indoors to the outside world and the best way to do that is with outdoor fairy lights!

We have compiled five easy ways to create a little magic in your outdoor space using our fab, battery-powered fairy lights.

  1. Simple and oh so effective: Fill glass jars with a string of battery-powered fairy lights each and watch them bring the space to life. Line them up along the garden path, on a wall or hang them from trees and watch the magic happen!

Masonry jar filled with fairy lights courtesy of

2. This wonderful adjustable, three pronged wreath hanger by Terrain creates the perfect natural chandelier for al fresco dining. Simply add your wreath and drape fairy lights around your finished chandelier!

chandelier hanger by Terrain

3. Don’t have a garden? Help to draw attention outdoors by enhancing the window frame with fairy lights.

Window framed by fairy lights courtesy of

4. We love this one! How often do those hoola-hoops really get used anyway!

Hoola hoops bound with fairy lights

FYI: These fairy lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are 1m long and battery-powered with warm white lights on silver coated copper wire.

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