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3 Craft blogs you should know about

This is such a lovely blog/ shop/ website, jam-packed with beautiful, fun and interesting content based around food, fashion and design with lovely how-to videos and mini project ideas. If you like colourful and cheery this is the blog for you.  The Oh Joy! founder Joy Cho, has also written three books and is a world-wide creative business consultant.

We just love their handy First Aid kit (see below) ‘it can be used to keep at home, in the car, at the office or in your purse so that you are always prepared to #SavetheDay!’

Craft blogs you should know about

There is no creative out there who doesn’t need to know about The Design Trust! An online business school for designers and makers, the Design Trust offers a wealth of up to date, honest, well researched information, training and support to creative entrepreneurs, from defining your business to organising your finances, managing your time to getting your business noticed. If you haven’t been there already, go now! Their most popular post ‘Are you Charging Enough?’ is invaluable in clearing up the foggy mist that invariably surrounds being able to simply price your creative work, offering a clear structure to follow, without all the confusion and ‘But I can’t possibly charge that!’.

The Design Trust: screenshot from blog

It’s all about textiles! Selvedge explore the interwoven nature textiles play in our everyday lives  and celebrate cloth through stories, nurturing textile artists and celebrating the fibres that unite humanity. A magazine, website, shop and blog, Selvedge is a wealth of information presented in a stunning and rich contemporary design.

Image of Selvedge magazine cover

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