Christmas DIY tutorial – Balloon glass candle shade lights

As Christmas approaches fast our attention is turning to the smaller details and for us the Christmas dinner table is one of the most important. Not only because it’s a time to share the company of friends and family, some pretty delicious food, but because we enjoy finding just the right colour napkins, writing name cards and creating our table arrangements – and we’re fairly sure that this is the same for anyone who has a creative streak! At Dannells HQ we’ve been playing with our own creative ideas and today we want to show you how to turn our candle clip lampshade making kits into a clever balloon glass shades. These are the perfect finishing touch for any festive dinner table, add a war

DIY festive decorating – Festive foliage wreaths & lantern making kits

Home crafting and DIY decorating is a given at Christmas. It’s the ideal time to show off your craft skills or try your hand at making something completely new and if you’re looking to add that special handmade touch to your Christmas decorations look no further! We’ve got two easy DIY projects for your try – our Festive foliage wreath tutorial and bespoke Lantern making kits – that are quick and cheap to make and look super professional. Both would even make fantastic gifts, meaning you can kill two birds with one stone. In fact, they are so easy the kids can join in too! Festive foliage wreath Recent research shows that the being in nature is good for us – and this is where this DIY proje